Software Engineer II, 2021 - 2022


🚀 Elevating Code Quality: As a driven engineer, I spearheaded transformative code quality initiatives that left a lasting impact. By pitching new strategies and technologies like Next.js, tweaking Webpack to produce smaller bundles, integrating hot module reloading, and slashing development build times by over 10-fold, I helped optimize the digital infrastructure for seamless developer and user experiences.

🏗️ Architecting Success: Collaborating with an exceptional team at Compass, I embraced challenges head-on. My role involved crafting intricate architecture and strategy documentation, guiding us as we navigated uncharted territories while shaping Compass’s agent-focused listing page to meet evolving business demands.

🛠️ End-to-End Ownership: I embraced the full development spectrum, from the back-end intricacies to the front-end marvels. Armed with React.js and Node.js, I crafted elegant solutions and empowered our applications by crafting REST and GRPC APIs, ensuring a cohesive and performant ecosystem.

🔧 Legacy and Compliance: Navigating the intricacies of a legacy frontend codebase, I upheld stringent compliance requirements. I meticulously ensured that the technological evolution of our systems not only met the highest standards but also honored the legacy foundation upon which Compass’s success was built.