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Sr. Software Engineer

Jan 2023 - May 2024

Link: member.uhc.com (requires account)


While at Optum, I led a team of 5 front end engineers to deliver new features for United Healthcare’s insurance customers. Our team was in charge of the insurance claims and payments portions of both United Healthcare’s member site, and their mobile app written in React Native.

During my time there, United Healthcare introduced a brand new design system called Abyss. I converted around 3 of our claims pages, and created several new views in the mobile app using this new design system. Doing this investigation allowed me to mentor and create migration materials to help the other members on-board to the new system successfully.

The other main concern I contributed to was the new payments system. Previously, United Healthcare insurance customers could not pay for their portion of an insurance claim directly through the app. They could only pay on the web site, and only through an HSA account if they had one. I created all of the API interaction code for enabling payments through the app. Using Redux actions and utilities I created to interact with Stripe’s APIs, our team was able to deliver an end-to-end payment experience!


  • Led a team of 5 engineers to deliver Stripe integrations that allow users to pay for their healthcare services online
  • Investigated process improvements like automated OpenAPI documentation and Copilot / AI coding tools to help our team deliver faster
  • Mentored junior engineers through learning sessions and pair programming to boost our team’s React, Redux and REST API skills
  • Consistently delivered product and design improvements for our customers